You’re a Maker. Musician, Tinkerer, Technologist, DIYer, Inventor, Artist, Audio Anarchist who is changing the World.

We’re MakeProAudio. We’re with you and we’ve created the “You make Audio Gear” Platform to build / connect / control pro quality Audio Gear, YOUR WAY.

Introducing MPA Blocks.
Combine Blocks to build your own personal Audio System.

MPA Blocks can come and go.
Usually they come!

Different MPA Blocks can do different things:

MPA Blocks are great for

For inspiration and performance, control is everything. Connect not just one thing – connect everything! With your phone and tablet, arrange custom screens to control and automate across all devices in your network. Build a Mixer Block for your audio needs. Add a USB Audio Tile and make it your computer audio interface. Add another USB Audio Tile to host your friend’s laptop too. Then add Synth Blocks to expand sonically! Make Your System.

MPA Blocks are the heart of your keyboard setup. Build a compact Mixer Block to connect and mix all your gear. Then add a Hybrid Control Block and enjoy compact, elegant touch/tactile access, control and automation of all your preferred parameters across your setup.

Break control in and out of your Euro Rack. Operate and automate your Euro Rack via Hybrid touch/tactile UIs – experience ever expanding sonic horizons and make the network your instrument!

Finally a pro quality system that meets your space and budget constraints. A system unique to you, that allows you to grow, step by step, Block by Block. Whether custom tailored control interfaces, audio interfaces or integration and automation of your existing studio setup – Blocks will get you wherever you want to go.

The moment you have more than one live source – in interview or co-host situations – you need audio equipment beyond the single microphone. MPA Blocks easily become your highly customizable, professional pro-quality, modular broadcasting studio. Compact and budget friendly, yet always perfectly tailored to your needs.

As a keyboarder or drummer, Mixer Blocks may be the most compact, most portable and certainly most flexible solution to meet your needs at home, at rehearsal space or on stage. Combining your Blocks with your bandmates Blocks, may easily replace the old classic mixer – while giving you a lot more freedom and control of your sound.

Blocks are small. But combined, Blocks form something larger. Four standard Block widths together equal the width a standard 19″ rack. The first truly modular mixer is also a most scalable mixer – as we’ll demonstrate later this year. Stay tuned, as new ways in networking will be enabling new ways in live sound.

Blocks are highly customizable – choose tiles and build exactly the Blocks which you need for your installed project. Custom panels, custom screens, suitable audio capacities – easy to achieve thanks to our GRAVITY Module System. Control is not a headache anymore – it’s the foundation of every Block System and more easily integrated than any other off-the-shelf product.

How many different MPA Blocks there are?
As many as you can imagine!

You design and build MPA Blocks yourself, your way!

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Blocks are made from Tiles. Depending on your needs you put together any combination of Tiles: Audio Tiles (DSP, AD/DA, AoIP, USB Audio), I/O Tiles (XLR,TRS, MIDI, Headphone), UI Tiles (faders, encoders, pads or anything your Arduino can do) Compute Tiles (Raspberry Pi, Intel NUC, Latte Panda) into a modular housing - creating a “Block”. Then combine your Blocks via USB to make your system; the network connection is made via the Compute Tile...

Tiles and MPA Blocks take you anywhere:

All it takes is Your Imagination and a Screwdriver.

Choose Tiles to design your individual Block.

Combine Blocks to build your personal System.

Connect anything, control everything!

How is this possible?
Introducing GLUE Software.
Soon running inside of an MPA Block near you.

Some MPA Blocks are more clever than others. That’s after you installed a Compute Tile! Compute Tiles run GLUE - our multi-protocol, multi-user, multi-discipline, multi-purpose Network Control Software.

GLUE connects your Blocks to your network, instantly discovered by the agile network distributed software framework.

The Network becomes Your Instrument.

Sublime possibilities. New exciting workflows.
Dynamic creative collaboration fueled in agile ways – collaborative productions that share and assign resources.

The first hackable Pro Audio System. Bring your Raspberry Pi and your Arduino - we can’t wait to see what you come up with!

We love Maker technology so much we are embracing Raspberry Pi as the standard Compute Tile for MPA Blocks.

Every MPA Block enables you to connect an Arduino (via its UART to our standardized UCC the Universal Control Connector). We supply the Arduino Library to easily connect to GLUE. Then, write your own Control Support Maps to tie your Arduino in and enhance your system.

However, note that any coding or hacking is completely optional. You usually build your own gear with no coding whatsoever. We have ensured that "making audio gear" is a true plug-and-play experience! Your GLUE software will make sure all parts of your system will play like one.

Premium quality components that will last for years.
Made in Germany.

About MakeProAudio

MakeProAudio GmbH is the ‘you make audio gear’ company. We are a committed group of technologists, musicians and makers founded by Frank Hund, serial entrepreneur and inventor of the pioneering tripleDAT native audio recording system, Pulsar and SCOPE DSP platforms; and developed over a decade: TAN - the network distributed software framework that is the backbone of the MPA platform and other award winning state-of-the-art audio systems.

The company is based near Cologne, Germany, with an R&D center in Bangalore, India, and distributed-team members throughout the world.