The world's first Pro Audio Gear Kits for Raspberry Pi
The Control, Synthesis and Mixing Platform.

Fully modular, DIY customizable Blocks combine to the system of your dreams. GLUE, the networked control software, is bringing all your other gear together, too!

This is a MPA Thing- see how to build it!

All gear you see on this web site is modular and built from MPA Tiles. Check out how our photo series on "HOW TO" build this device!

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The MPA Platform is NOW AVAILABLE to
Makers and Developers

You are a Maker. Musician, Tinkerer, Technologist, DIYer, Inventor, Artist and Audio Anarchist who is changing the World.

We’re MakeProAudio the “You make Audio Gear Company” and we have the “You make Audio Gear System” for you.

Now Shipping!

For Makers and Developers: MakeHaus is the name for the Modular Housing and User Interface Tile portion of the MPA Platform. With MakeHaus, you build premium quality gear for the networked age – according to your requirements, growing with your needs!

MakeHaus is not limited to Pro Audio. We have received a lot of interest from other areas such that we have decided to keep the foundation of the MPA Platform application neutral. Applications for MakeHaus range from home automation to industrial applications and IoT. Consequently, when we release GLUE it will be a specific Pro Audio application – utilizing MakeHaus for its specific purposes.

For the initial launch of MakeHaus, we are starting with our local German speaking communities. As something like MakeHaus has not been done before, we are curious to interact with and learn from our local customers before we take MakeHaus international.

However, if you are a Maker or Developer but the German language is not for you – you’re most welcome to engage with MakeHaus in English already today. We are happy to provide you with documentation and support in English upon request.

Visit the MakeHaus website (in German, for now)

For decades, conventional audio gear has been designed to be “all in one box” and “never changing” in functionality.

In the age of app-based mobile flexibility and the awesomeness of networking – the very DNA of how gear is built has to change…

Join in and help driving the Maker Revolution in Pro Audio

Networks and Open Source Software have already changed our life significantly. It is our mission to promote and facilitate

  • the immense potential of collaborative development in Pro Audio
  • the modular and networked nature of future Pro Audio systems
  • and the empowerment of Makers to become a provider/supplier of innovative solutions.

MakeHaus is the starting point for a community which seeks to foster and give shape to the networked and collaborative future of Pro Audio technology. MakeHaus is also the starting point for you to innovate and do things which have not been done before!

Introducing the MPA Platform

– the you build audio gear system and network software framework for all things audio

Not predefined Products, but Collaborative Solutions.

Developers code software modules for Makers. Makers combine and configure software modules to create their own Solutions. Finally, Solution seekers download Solutions for their individualized modular devices – which we call “MPA Things”. 

The Network changes Everything.

The movement for democratic building and development of audio gear demands a networking philosophy which is equally inclusive and democratic! Our community is developing the networked software framework to empower makers to change the world.


GLUE – Ties it all together.

The multi-protocol, multi-user, multi-discipline, multi-purpose “Control Software” that runs on Raspberry Pi, integrating your MPA Things and all your MIDI gear.  Turns your studio into the Network of Opportunities!

Makers are changing the world

…and we are inspired by the movement. The goal of the MPA Platform is to empower anybody to build unique and networked audio systems as the better alternative to conventional off-the-shelf product. All it takes is imagination and a screwdriver!

“You don’t need anyone’s permission to make something great.”
Massimo Banzi
Co-Founder – Arduino

Interview: Corona at MakeProAudio

“The whole thing is still unfolding”: Frank, founder of MakeProAudio, shares insights on how he experienced the crisis so far and how it affects us at MPA…