Use the MPA Platform for…


Up to now when you think “controller” its usually synonymous with “MIDI controller.”  Although you can certainly use MPA Platform to build (very capable and fancy) MIDI controllers – the MPA Platform is far more than a “MIDI controller” – it presents unparalleled easy to use, extremely scalable and powerful networked control system for your studio or performance setup.


The essence of Synthesis is about variety and plurality – you can never have enough synthesizers, right? The MPA Platform not only integrates, controls and automates all your existing synthesizers – it also presents remarkable and unique capabilities in the area sound synthesis.  In the very near future we will reveal the first Synth MakeKits…

Audio Mixing and Interfacing

Digital mixers do not have to be bulky, heavy, inflexible, expensive and static. Later this year we will be introducing all the tile modules you need to build advanced audio mixers. Audio mixers that can function with or without audio interfaces, including USB and Audio over IP options.  From real small to very large. As you want it, when you want it!

…or simply to give more meaning to your Desktop! 🙂

This means new freedom and possibilities for…

Audio Solution Seekers

… looking to extend the capabilities of their setup, that thirst for new levels of control not possible until now and create new performance paradigms, innovations.

Home and mobile Studio Solution Seekers

… with space and budget constraints. A system unique to you, that grows with you, step by step, Block by Block. Custom tailored control interfaces, audio interfaces, DAW integration and automation with existing studio setup.

Do-it-yourself Audio Enthusiasts

… enriching their existing projects and enabling building professional level digital sound and control capability not possible in their projects before.

…compelled to create something amazing with their Arduino or Raspberry Pis. Be it for synthesis, processing or mixing of audio – or simply networked control of whatever you manage to connect to GLUE – we will all be keen to see what Makers come up with!


…playing and automating their setup in new ways, while adding cutting-edge synth modelling and audio mixing capabilities. Access anything and control everything when you connect to the network of possibility, where the network becomes your instrument.

Eurorack/Modular Instrumentalists

… looking to bridge their Eurorack with other gear in their studio, and adding audio mixing, control, automation and creative extensions to their setups, while expanding their sonic horizons.

Digital Native Musicians

… with hunger for experience beyond screen. Tactile control satisfies in ways screens can not. The combination of agile, seamless, touch and tactile functionality is trans-formative. True multi-user, collaborative, uber-sharing possibilities!

Maker Musicians

… with the desire but, starting with breadboard and schematic is too much. The MPA Platform provides pre-constructed components requiring no soldering that you easily assemble requiring nothing but a screwdriver in about 10 Minutes.