B4000 is a drawbar organ like no other.  It’s soulful and vibrant sound in the tradition of the fabulous Hammond B3™.  All the revered features of this glorious ancestor have been modeled with the highest accuracy: 91 tone wheels, full polyphony, keyclicks and percussion, scanner vibrato, overdrive and rotating Leslie™ speaker simulation.

Product Features

  • Pristine emulation of the famous vintage Hammond B3 Organ with full polyphony
  • Full organ drawbars for the upper, lower, and pedal manuals
  • 91 Tone Wheels, Amplifier and cabinet simulation
  • Percussion section with control over harmonic content and key click
  • Adjustable microphone positions and component aging
  • Drive and full control over the rotor including aftertouch modulation
  • Vibrato witch configurable behavior
    Chorus/Flanger & Dual Channel Delay Effects with extensive controls including phase & feedback


B4000 User Manual

B4000 MIDI Implementation Chart