Here’s to the makers. The musicians. The DIYers.
The inventors. The audio anarchists.

Those who thirst for different: paths, tools, answers, solutions, fun.

You imagine, inspire, invent. You create, manifest in what has not been done before.

Fueled by curiosity & joy. You make.

Great advancements in the world are not conceived by those who operate in a world of constraints and limitations. They are conceived by those who dare to be bold, to think different. To make.

Together we can!

Audio Makers and Maker Musicians will change Music Making. We believe that an inspired, productive, collaborative community of Makers can make a difference.  The future of pro audio is yours when you embrace the potential of a community supported, modular, network-based ecosystem.

Embracing the interconnectedness of the moment, our goal is to built upon community and provide resources to assist anybody with the desire to build pro audio quality gear.

We envision amazing things happening in the future.  Here is some of what you can expect to find and where you can contribute to the community resources pages:

  • Learn about solutions and products that have not existed before
  • Show us how to utilize technology in new ways
  • Develop, share or sell new modules for everyone to use
  • Build and sell you own commercial systems and specialized applications
  • Create detailed device support maps for your devices and make them available to everyone
  • Come up with new interactive music creation paradigms
  • Build and sell you own commercial systems and specialized applications
  • Enjoy and engage in healthy Community Forums
  • Make new Makerish friends!
  • Learn how to use the MPA Ardunio Library to tie in “Your Duino” into your system
  • Share your MPA Platform Arduino projects with others!
  • Tie GLUE to new devices in new ways e.g., GLUE to your home automation!

Makers from all Areas of the Audio World

Let us come together and make things only of dreams possible.  Share your ideas. Inspire others. Find collaborators. Bring your ideas to life. You may be doing it to solve an unique solution, you may be doing it just for joy,  or you may make it a business – all is possible and welcome.  Soon we will be opening our official collaborative community forums. Sign up for our newsletter today and be the first to know when community registration opening and please share that with your Maker friends.