Dino Park MakeKit FAQs

Please send us a message via our Contact Form with “Product Support” in the subject field.

Please check out the Dino Park MakeKit Quick Start Guide 

Pre-loaded on every DinoPark you get the super-phat Minimax, punchy Prodyssey and uber-expressive Pro12.  

Download the VSTi Editor Software from the Dino Page Support Page.

VSTi editor software installation instructions can be found on the Dino Page Support Page and in section 2.1 in the Synth Model User Manual.

You use the VSTI Editor Software to control all internal parameters of Dino Park from within your DAW / your MIDI Sequencer.

Use the Dino Park Editor to:

  • Via a graphical user interface access all the  knobs and switches of your synth models
  • design your own sounds from ground up or tweak existing presets 
  • tweak and overwrite/update presets in the Factory Bank
  • save your own presets in the User Bank
  • control the mixer functions of your Dino Park

Although our editor software appears just like other VSTi plug-ins in your sequencer, it does not perform any sound processing like other VST synthesizer plug-ins. 

All sounds are synthesized inside your Dino Park hardware unit. The VSTi Editor functions as a  remote control user interface, with added preset management that allows for the  design and management of sounds inside your Dino Park. For more detailed information check out the Dino Park VSTi User Manual

Download the Synth Model Users Manuals from the Dino Page Support Page 

Check out the Lucas Plays MakeProAudio Dino Park  video and MP3 sound examples here.

Please download the Dino Park VSTi User Manual for Instructions.

Download the Synth Model MIDI Implementation Charts from the  Dino Page Support Page.

Any AC to DC power supply with the following specifications should work,:Output Voltage: 12V, Output Current:  500mA or higher (1A recommended), Connector: DC barrel connector 5.5 mm x 2.1mm, center positive.

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