Introducing the DinoPark – The World’s first Top-End Modelling Synthesizer as affordable DIY Kit

Play with the Dinosaurs

For makers. For musicians. For everyone seeking the big sound! When you enter DinoPark, you will meet three staggering creatures from the past! Once before, these legends shook the earth. CreamWare’s absolutely faithful emulations set the standard for analog modelling in late 90s and their quality is unsurpassed today. Now they are back – in a new exciting form!

Demo tracks entirely synthesized by DinoPark
Video Soundtrack   Demo Tune 1    Demo Tune 2

Every DinoPark comes with the legendary Minimax, Pro12 and Prodyssey  pre-installed!


Minimax is a stunning emulation and recreation of one of the most sought after and popular synths of all time. There are very few analog synthesizers that have been digitally modeled with such precision. Enjoy the punchy oscillators, ultra-fast envelopes and pristine filters that add to the depth of the rich, harmonically infused lows and many more features that made the original instrument a cult classic.

Minimax-Demo Minimax-TranceHook Minimax-SparklePads Minimax-FifthOctave Minimax-MelloLead Minimax-MaxDrums Minimax-WarmPad Minimax-OrgaBells Minimax-FunnyFlute Minimax-HardKeys Minimax-Leads


With the Prodyssey, a timeless piece of synthesizer history comes back to life. Thanks to its extensive modulation possibilities, a sample & hold section and the special filters, this perfect emulation of the original provides you with a cornucopia of high-end and very unique sounds. Enjoy the unique punchiness tumbling sequences, blister leads and smooth pads of this classic.

Prodyssey-AboveTheClouds Prodyssey-Duke Prodyssey-TwistingKnobs


The Pro-12 brings back every iota of the gorgeousness in the original classic, which took the world by storm in the late 70ies.  The first polyphonic synthesizer with full digital and preset-recall. Armed with the modelling and SSM filtering and modular generator and oscillator routing of the first series, the Pro-12 brings back the best of its sound. Enjoy the bellowing sweeps and room shaking rumbles with the convenience reliable and stable tuning.

Pro12-HouseChords Pro12-5Leads Pro12-Pad Pro12-HaveSomeFunk Pro12-GroovingFilter

The Secret behind the Sound

While most versatile synthesizers use sample-playback as the basis of their synthesis, DinoPark emulates the very DNA of the original analog circuitry.  Because it features a super high performance dedicated DSP processor to do that math, DinoPark can emulate a variety of synthesizers and synthesis forms in the most minute detail.   And because DinoPark’s DSP processing knows no latency, DinoPark plays and feels just like the real thing with a level of responsiveness and musicality of a hardware synth.  No software-only plugin plays and feels like DinoPark!

The Joy of Hardware

The greatest pleasures are simple pleasures. A hardware synth like DinoPark is instant-on and instantly gratifying. Totally dependable and extremely easy to use, it turns any USB MIDI Keyboard into a sound monster. Combined with the power and flexibility of software, DinoPark offers the best of both worlds!

Build Options and MakeKits

The DinoPark Board
At the core of every DinoPark system is the DinoPark Board. This board offers all essential external connectivity and a lot of expansion options on the inside!

The Dino Display is a module that allows for quick selection Plugins and access to Presets via a text display with two encoders that toggle function. Here you can also adjust the MIDI channel and the master output volume.

The DinoPark Breakout Expansion makes accessable two channels of analog audio input, SPDIF in and out as well as MIDI In, Thru and Out.

Dino Dials is an 8 Encoder Tile that comes with special firmware for added functionality: it allows you to tweak the “top eight” parameters of each synthesizer!  Using the switch function of each encoder, it also features a store and recall capability. This lets you save and recall your favorite eight Plugin/Preset combinations. Ideal for quick recall during performance!

The DinoPark MakeKit

This MakeKit puts the DinoPark Board and the Dino Display into a slim compact housing. The top panel is segmented allowing for the mounting of the Dino Dials at any later point in time!

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The DinoPark MakeKit EX

With more height and length, the DinoPark MakeKit EX adds the DinoPark Breakout Expansion and offers the space to mount a second DinoPark board inside the unit!

DinoPark with your Sequencer and/or GLUE

For many plugins, certainly all the Legends, we provide VSTI remote control user interfaces for Mac and PC. This enables you to tweak and save sounds right within your production software. The moment you connect DinoPark to GLUE – you do that via the DinoParks USB MIDI Device port – you can control DinoPark in all its details with great comfort across the network!

Look forward to! More Plugins…

To be future proof, we made sure DinoPark could store up to 32 plugins in its on-board memory. As many synthesizers of the “Dino Park” are based on the CreamWare legacy you can expect exceptional quality in the plugins we will be releasing in the near future.   The following plugins, sold separately are scheduled for released Summer 2019 :

B4000 – The classic tonewheel organ  B4000-AwilderShapeofMail B4000-BalladoftheOrangeMan B4000-FromJimmytoKeith B4000-JBindaHauz B4000-TobiasKnopf

Lightwave – The sound of early wavetable synths  Lightwave-PolyGlide Lightwave-SuperSweep Lightwave-WarmPad Lightwave-KingofSnake

FMAGIA – The magic of FM synthesis FMagia-Digipiano FMagia-MansionClock FMagia-ParadiseBells FMagia-TwistingOperator

D’n’B – The incredible analog drum machine DnB-House DnB-DrumBass DnB-Psy DnB-Trap DnB-Presets

And many more synthesizers to come…

A few ways to connect and use DinoPark

As DinoPark is a modular and flexible system, there are a number of ways how you can rig up and use your DinoPark. See a few examples on how to connect and use your DinoPark system:

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