The shortest path from fingertip to earthquake with the biggest and best sounding Maker Board ever!

The World’s first High-End Modelling Sound Synthesizer available to Makers

So far, really big sounding synthesizers have been out of reach of maker budgets. And maker budget synth projects have been nowhere near the same class of pro grade synths. Introducing Dino Park, the incredible high-end modelling sound synthesizer which makes the world of big sound available to every maker!

The first professional Synth with an Arduino Port

You can connect and enjoy playing Dino Park right out of the box. Its on-board selection of synthesizer models and presets will blow you away and keep you busy for awhile… but eventually you will want to tweak and hack it! We hope you do! As Dino Park is the first Arduino-hackable high-end synthesizer…

When you connect your Arduino, you can start controlling and driving the Dino Park synthesis engine your way… Make your own control panel. Use sensors for sound control. Write a sequencer! Connect to your other projects!  Our Dino Park Arduino Library makes it easy to connect your Arduino.  Just connect your Ardunio’s UART to Dino Park’s dedicated DUINO port and manage Dino Park and its parameters from your own code base.

Build it your way!

You’ll find a place for it for sure 🙂 See how we were housing Dino Park when showing it at Audio Maker Square in April…

The DinoPark Library for Arduino

We provide an open source library for Arduino for in-depth and easy control of your Dino Park.  Implement your own control facilities, sensors for parameter control and other interfaces for new ways to operate and generate sound synthesis!  We plan to start posting code snippets and some example code on this page.  Please come back soon….!