DinoPark – Top-End Modelling Synthesizer MakeKits

Play with the Dinosaurs

For makers. For musicians. For everyone seeking big sound and exceptional value in a world class modeling synthesizer that anybody can own. 

CreamWare’s absolutely faithful emulations set the standard for analog modelling in late 90s and their quality is unsurpassed today. Now they are back – in a new exciting form!

All DinoPark Makekits come with the legendary Minimax, Pro12 and Prodyssey  pre-installed!

DinoPark MakeKits ship to you with everything you need except a screwdriver for assembly.   There are many MakeKit options. Scroll down below for kit options that work for you!

“Zero latency expressive hardware, touchscreen control, expansion possibilities, pioneering analog modeling technology and an actual DAC output?? Shut up and take my money!!”

-Federico Ágreda Álvarez aka Zardonic (NBCSN, Superhot, Bullet For My Valentine)

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What you get in a DinoPark MakeKit

  • DinoPark Board fully loaded with three Synthesizer Legends onboard 

  • Dino Display (select Synth Model and Preset by name)

  • Compact DIY Housing (plates, rails, screws and internal connection cabling) ready to add Dino Dials Encoders

  • Power Supply

  • VSTI control interface software (free download) for remote control of DinoPark from via sequencer/VSTI host on your laptop or tablet

Main Features

  • Autonomous, modular Modelling Synthesizer
  • Load and play one Synth Model at a time
  • Store up to 32 Synth Models in on-board memory
  • Store up to 100 presets per Synth Model
  • MIDI connections made via USB or 3.5mm TRS (EX, EXL)
  • On-board effects (Delay, Chorus)
  • No latency / plays like hardware
  • Rotary encoder selects MIDI channel of a DinoPark
  • Digital mixer with low and hi-shelf equalization for mixing of internal and external sound sources

Synthesis Technology

  • Virtual Circuit Modelling, Physical Modelling


  • Minimax – 10 voices
  • Prodyssey – 10 voices
  • Pro-12 – 12 voices
  • B4000 – 91 voices (full)

Sampling Rate Bit Resolution

  • 44.1kHz (internal oversampling of up to 176kHz)
  • S/PDIF Input (EX, EXL) with sample rate converter (SRC)
  • 32 bit internal digital audio path
  • AD/DA Codec Dynamic Range (S/N) 108dB

Dimensions / Size

  • DinoPark /DinoPark EX: 165mm (l) x 110mm (w) x 55mm (h) 
  • DinoPark EXL: 247,5 mm (l) x 110mm (w) x 55mm (h) (providing room for additional DinoPark Board)

How to Control

  • via USB MIDI Keyboard: MIDI Program Changes and MIDI Control Changes
  • via VSTI Control Surfaces (Mac + PC) across USB MIDI Device Port
  • via GLUE in HYBR or Custom Modes across USB MIDI Device Port

Inputs and Outputs (on breakout side of board)

  • Stereo Analog Line Output 2 x 1/4 inch (6,3mm) mono TS connectors
  • USB MIDI Device (to connect to GLUE or Computer as Class Compliant MIDI Device)
  • USB MIDI Host (to directly connect a USB keyboard)
  • DC Barrel connector 5.5mm x 2.1mm (center pin is +/positive)
  • Power Switch

On-Board accessible Inputs and Outputs (inside the box)

  • MIDI Connector (6-Pin) for connection to DinoPark Breakout Board (see MakeKit EX)
  • UCC Universal Control Connectors (6-Pin) – allows for connection to Dino Display, Dino Dials Encoder Tile or your Arduino
  • MIDI input, MIDI thru, MIDI output (LVTTL), via 3-Pin JST connector
  • SPDIF digital audio interface input and output (LVTTL), via 3-Pin JST connector
  • analog audio inputs, left and right channels via 3-Pin JST connector

Optional Expansions

  • connect Dino Dials Encoders (control 8 parameters and 8 quick recall setups at your fingertips)
  • connect an Arduino for additional control via MIDI protocol

Three Synth Legends Pre-loaded!

DinoPark MakeKit Connections

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DinoPark MakeKits and Options

The DinoPark MakeKit

This MakeKit puts the DinoPark board and the Dino Display into a slim compact housing. The top panel is segmented allowing for the mounting of the Dino Dials at any later point in time!

The DinoPark MakeKit EX

It’s the DinoPark MakeKit with an added internal Breakout expansion board and rear plate providing two channels of analog audio input, SPDIF in and out along with MIDI In, Thru and Out (3.5mm TRS MMA / Korg specification).

The DinoPark MakeKit EXL

It’s the DinoPark MakeKit EX with more length, a full 247 mm adding plenty of space to accommodate an additional DinoPark Board!

The DinoPark Board
At the core of every DinoPark system is the DinoPark Board. This board offers all essential external connectivity and a lot of expansion options on the inside!

The Dino Display is a module that provides the quick selection of Plugins and access to Presets via a text display with two encoders that toggle function. Here you can also adjust the MIDI channel and the master output volume.

Dino Display
– only 99 EUR

Dino Dials is an 8 Encoder Tile that comes with special firmware for added functionality: it allows you to tweak the “top eight” parameters of each synthesizer!  Using the switch function of each encoder, it also features a store and recall capability. This lets you save and recall your favorite eight Plugin/Preset combinations. Ideal for quick recall during performance!

Dino Dials
– only 129 EUR

The World’s Best Sounding Maker Board Synth Bundle!

Introductory Offer for Makers: The DinoPark Board and the Dino Display with connector cable.  A maker synth board with Pro Level capability and amazing sound quality for under 300 EUR!

SPECIAL Price – only 299 EUR

Build your DinoPark into your own housing, build it your way! Turn a MIDI Controller Keyboard into a synthesizer! Keep smoking cigars to make space for your Dino 🙂

Note: Bundle does not include power supply! Standard 12V 1A 5.5/2.1mm supply requried.

The Joy of Hardware

The greatest pleasures are simple pleasures. A hardware synth like DinoPark is instant-on and instantly gratifying. Totally dependable and extremely easy to use, it turns any USB MIDI Keyboard into a sound monster. Combined with the power and flexibility of software, DinoPark offers the best of both worlds!

The Secret behind the Sound

While most versatile synthesizers use sample-playback as the basis of their synthesis, DinoPark emulates the very DNA of the original analog circuitry.  Because it features a super high performance dedicated DSP processor to do that math, DinoPark can emulate a variety of synthesizers and synthesis forms in the most minute detail.   And because DinoPark’s DSP processing knows no latency, DinoPark plays and feels just like the real thing with a level of responsiveness and musicality of a hardware synth.  No software-only plugin plays and feels like DinoPark!