DinoPark Synth Models

DinoPark is a multi-model synthesizer which can load and perform different models.  Every DinoPark ships with the legendary Minimax, Pro12 and Prodyssey  pre-installed!

Additional synth classics coming soon starting with the B4000 tone-wheel Organ and D’n’B the incredible analog modeling percussion and bass synthesizer.


Minimax is a stunning emulation and recreation of one of the most sought after and popular synths of all time. There are very few analog synthesizers that have been digitally modeled with such precision. Enjoy the punchy oscillators, ultra-fast envelopes and pristine filters that add to the depth of the rich, harmonically infused lows and many more features that made the original instrument a cult classic.

Minimax-Demo Minimax-TranceHook Minimax-SparklePads Minimax-FifthOctave Minimax-MelloLead Minimax-MaxDrums Minimax-WarmPad Minimax-OrgaBells Minimax-FunnyFlute Minimax-HardKeys Minimax-Leads


With the Prodyssey, a timeless piece of synthesizer history comes back to life. Thanks to its extensive modulation possibilities, a sample & hold section and the special filters, this perfect emulation of the original provides you with a cornucopia of high-end and very unique sounds. Enjoy the unique punchiness tumbling sequences, blister leads and smooth pads of this classic.

Prodyssey-AboveTheClouds Prodyssey-Duke Prodyssey-TwistingKnobs


The Pro-12 brings back every iota of the gorgeousness in the original classic, which took the world by storm in the late 70ies.  The first polyphonic synthesizer with full digital and preset-recall. Armed with the modelling and SSM filtering and modular generator and oscillator routing of the first series, the Pro-12 brings back the best of its sound. Enjoy the bellowing sweeps and room shaking rumbles with the convenience reliable and stable tuning.

Pro12-HouseChords Pro12-5Leads Pro12-Pad Pro12-HaveSomeFunk Pro12-GroovingFilter

Optional Synth Models

The following plugins, sold separately at 99 EUR each, are scheduled for release late Summer 2019:

B4000 – The classic tonewheel organ  B4000-AwilderShapeofMail B4000-BalladoftheOrangeMan B4000-FromJimmytoKeith B4000-JBindaHauz B4000-TobiasKnopf

Lightwave – The sound of early wavetable synths  Lightwave-PolyGlide Lightwave-SuperSweep Lightwave-WarmPad Lightwave-KingofSnake

FMAGIA – The magic of FM synthesis FMagia-Digipiano FMagia-MansionClock FMagia-ParadiseBells FMagia-TwistingOperator

DnB – The incredible analog drum machine + bass voice  DnB-House DnB-DrumBass DnB-Psy DnB-Trap DnB-Presets

More synth models may be expected for release in 2020.

Synth Model Development for DinoPark

We welcome developers who wish to engage in development for the DinoPark. At this time,  to run the SCOPE SDK “modules and cables” circuit building development tool  requires a 6 or 14/15 DSP SCOPE or Pulsar card from CreamWare, that you can pick up from eBay every once in a while. Although the experience with the SCOPE SDK can be rewarding and productive, not requiring any SHARC specific code programming, it is not a tool for the faint-hearted!  You will need talent and determination to master the learning curve and complexity of it all. Or maybe you are a SCOPE plugin developer already? Either way we would like to hear from you – please use our contact form to get in touch!