Introducing the DinoPark Family – The World’s first High-End Modelling Synthesizer as affordable DIY or Eurorack Kit

MakeKits and Boards
for Keyboarders and Makers

What is DinoPark?

DinoPark is a versatile stand-alone hardware synthesizer which performs its awesomeness without dependence of a host computer. As a part of the MPA Platform, it is built from MPA Tiles and naturally joins GLUE – the Network of Possibilities – for innovative control and integration of your studio or performance setup!

Presenting unparalleled multi-model synthesis in a flexible and affordable form factor. DinoPark boldly and finally fills a gap:

  • Play the most faithful models of classic synthesizer legends!
  • Enjoy the sparkle of hybrid wavetable architectures!
  • Discover the attraction of a lively additive model tonewheel organ!
  • Get under the magic spell of FM synthesis!
  • Immerse yourself in the many timbres of modeling drums!

And to get you going, every DinoPark comes with three legendary emulations of historic synthesizer classics – the super-phat Minimax, punchy Prodyssey and uber-expressive Pro12

The Secret behind the Sound

There are specialized synthesizers that give you great results within their limited scope of specialization. Then there are versatile synthesizers that cover a large sonic spectrum using a sample-playback engine. Then there is DinoPark. Nothing quite compares to its coupling of modular software technology and dedicated uber powerful Analog Devices SHARC DSP processor to do the sonic math. It’s this unprecedented technology pairing  that puts DinoPark in a class all by itself and how it can emulate such a variety of synthesizers and synthesis forms, in the most minute detail. DinoPark is a multi-specialist that can load – and perform as responsive hardware – very different synthesis specialization, thus being able to cover a very large sonic spectrum while delivering superior sound quality, like only specialized synthesizers can.

When specializing in the emulation of classic synthesizer legends, DinoPark extensively emulates the very DNA of the original analog circuitry. This “modeling” approach brings the emulated sound circuitry “to life” allowing much deeper interaction and modulation possibilities than a mere sound recording of it ever could. And throwing the massive computational performance of a SHARC DSP at its emulation allows DinoPark to model with fidelity and precision that ranks amongst the very best models money can buy.

And because DinoPark’s DSP processing knows no latency, DinoPark plays and feels just like the real thing with a level of responsiveness and musicality of a hardware synth.  No software-only plugin plays and feels like DinoPark!

An outstanding Synthesis Platform

The DinoPark family is unique in many ways. Its seminal development and beginnings over 20 years ago, forms the foundation for its unique refinement and richness when it comes to combining the best of both worlds in hardware and software synthesis.

It was Frank, MakeProAudio’s founder who also invented the legendary CreamWare SCOPE platform.  His team pushed the envelope and set new and lasting standards in software based synthesis around the turn of the century. Truly pioneering technology that was, as many say, way ahead of its time.

With their uncompromising approach to quality, CreamWare was not satisfied with host CPUs so they added whole arrays of dedicated SHARC Audio DSP processors which were new and revolutionary at that time. This approach allowed CreamWare to lead the industry in sound, performance and flexibility for years –however, this novel approach also came with a heavy price tag which ultimately took CreamWare out of the competition for less demanding mainstream markets.

Today SHARC DSP processors continue to power only the very elite audio equipment in the industry – having evolved in power and price/performance; now offering 10-20 times the performance in comparison to the heyday of the CreamWare SCOPE and NOAH platforms.

CreamWare advertisement introducing Noah at NAMM 2003.

“I noticed people paying collector’s prices to get their hands on retro early 2000s CreamWare modeling synthesizers. I was struck by the conversations in that people were willing to pay a premium for our modelling technology,  simply because they hadn’t seen anything like it since. That was the impetus to make our unique technology available again in a new, exciting and more accessible form.

Frank Hund, Founder/CEO of MakeProAudio

Now in 2019, Frank and his team are again behind pioneering concepts, introducing the MPA Platform – the “You make Audio Gear Platform”, empowering musicians and makers to build their own setup their way using MPA Tiles building blocks and GLUE distributed networking software.

Our DinoPark family of synthesis MakeKits makes the universe of sound of our SHARC based technology available to everyone, at a small fraction of the price of comparable top end gear. It makes it available in modular building block form such that you can chose and build your synthesizer your way!

Whether you are a Keyboard Musician
seeking to play synth legends with more independence from your laptop,

Whether you are a Eurorack Synthesist
seeking easy ways to broaden the sonic capabilities of your Eurorack,

Whether you are a Maker
seeking to build big sounding synthesizers controlled by your Arduino,

DinoPark is for you!