How it works

We make it easy for you to design and build audio gear that’s unique to your needs.

Available to everyone – We are on a mission to empower everyone to build individualized audio solutions with professional sound quality and control capability. We are here to enable YOU to build audio gear your way as a the better alternative to off the shelf commercial product!

You are not alone – Become an audio maker today and take innovation into your own hands! There is nothing to fear – as you are not alone. We support our community and the community will support you – such that, as you can grow with the community, we’ll grow with you.

How do we make it easy?

Easy Building

  • We provide MakeKits that contain everything you need – no guesswork!
  • MPA Tiles plug with simple flat band cables – no soldering!
  • MPA Tiles slide into Rails – no metal workshop required!
  • One mechanical system for desktop, embedded (e.g. in-table) and rack solutions.
  • MakeHaus enclosures are a standard ¼ rack size (110 cm wide) – concatenate to obtain ½ and 1/1 rack size housings.
  • Installing GLUE is as easy as sliding in an SD Card.

Easy Connecting

  • MPA Things (devices) connect via simple USB connections and GLUE discovers any connected MPA Things automatically.
  • Plug class compliant USB MIDI Interfaces and Devices direct into GLUE.
  • We support popular platforms from the Maker universe – making it easy for Developers to add their own modules.
  • Simply connect multiple GLUEs to your network to enlarge your setup.
  • Download our App to your iOS or Android Mobile – it connects to GLUE automatically.
  • Search and download or create MIDI support maps for your Devices.

Networking done right

Making it easy for you was not easy for us. You are probably wondering how our team at MakeProAudio was able to do all of that?