Become a Member in our Company and Ignite with us the Maker Movement in Pro Audio!

MakeProAudio was founded on the basis of social-ecological values. All our ideas and concepts revolve around Nachhaltigkeit – the German word for sustainability. We put you and community first: first we enable you to grow – and then we grow with you.

Depending on our community of makers for everything we do, we embrace you as an integral part of the value creation process.  Literally in that, we both encourage and invite you to take a stakeholder role in MakeProAudio – and become a companion in our mission to empower makers in pro audio!

Similar in concept to how cooperatives build on a basis of members, we encourage friends and supporters of our community to become part of our business. In return, you hold a lucrative stake in the success of our business and help us to grow inventories and build infrastructure to better serve you and the community as a whole.

Starting April 2019, we will make available a limited number of membership tickets. There are two models available, one featuring fixed and guaranteed interest payments and another one which emphasizes more on growth opportunities. Membership tickets starting from only 5,000 EUR.

To receive more information on this opportunity, please get in touch via the Contact Form quoting “Become a Member” as subject.