MakeKits – the “You Make” Kits!

For an easy start, we are offer MakeKits that contain all Tiles, housing parts and cables  you need to build one specific audio or control Block.

MakeKits contain:

  • Tiles and their UCC interconnect cables
  •  Housing rails, height adjusters and faceplates
  • All internal cables required
  • MicroUSB cable (for external connection)

Please Note – unless explicitly mentioned, MakeKits may NOT contain the Raspberry Pi module which is required to run GLUE and make essential network connection.  Use the Raspberry Pi (model 3B or 3B+) which you already own and  you decide which connected devices you want to run a GLUE.

Please Note – regarding power adapters: unless explicitly mentioned, MakeKits may NOT always contain external power supplies. This is because you may be able to recycle and re-purpose a compatible power supply and give it a new lease on life. Nachhaltigkiet!  Or in some situations you can operate multiple Blocks with only one power supply using a one-to-multiple power splitter cable! Nachhaltigkeit demands such consideration.

MakeKits are Family

One MakeKit rarely comes alone. Because of the inspiring flexibility, the same functionality of a given MakeKit may be available in multiple versions. To avoid confusion we include MakeKits of similar type into families! Being the die hard fans of the toys we grew up with, we just had  to give MakeKits names from the LEGO® universe. Better than KXU-16R don’t you think?

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