MakeProAudio Online Store Open for Business

MakeProAudio Online Store Open for Business

Now accepting Dino Park Modelling Synthesizer MakeKit pre-orders; special savings on orders through April 30, 2019

Cologne DE, April 11, 2019, MakeProAudio, the “you make audio gear company” announces the MakeProAudio Store is online and accepting Dino Park MakeKit pre-orders.  The online store at this link offers special pricing on all Dino Park Makekits until April 30,2019.

Dino Park is the world’s first high-end modelling synthesizer DIY MakeKit offering everyone an affordable way to own three revered analog classics in a new exciting and accessible form.

The Dino Park MakeKit is available in three versions:

The Dino Board – ideal for hard-core makers that want to integrate in their own housing or cigar box for that matter, providing for an inexpensive and fun project.

Dino Park MakeKit  – includes the Dino board, LCD Display, slim housing and power supply.

The Dino Park MakeKit EX–  includes, Dino board, LCD Display, expanded housing (height & length), power supply, and another connection assembly providing  two TRS analog In/out, SPDIF I/O and MIDI in/out

Each Dino Park can be expanded with Dino Dial Encoders: eight touch-sensitive endless encoders that also provide push function.


Maker boards and all-in box-MakeKits are to ship June 2019.  Early bird pricing offered through April 30, 2019 and starts with the basic Dino Board at 199 EUR, Dino Park MakeKit at 299 EUR and the Dino Park MakeKit EX at 369 EUR; all pricing includes VAT. Dino Dial Encoders are available for an additional 69 EUR. Additional modelling synths for Dino Park will be available summer 2019.