Now, turn your Raspberry Pi into a modular Pro Audio System

Affordable Pro Audio for Everyone

The line between “pro”and what is considered to be amateur is a fine line indeed in many industries. Since the advent of the Maker Movement with access to quality tools and knowledge we have seen a great democratization in the development of technology solutions. Further propelled forward exponentially in the current age of accelerations. The thing is, Makers have always possessed the ability and the spirit.  It’s the access to pro quality hardware capable of pro sound and control has simply not existed… until now.

We are excited to enable, to bridge, to empower Makers like you, to build amazing audio gear as a real alternative to conventional off-the-shelf product.

We love Maker technology so much we are embracing Raspberry Pi as the standard Compute Tile for MPA Things.  Every MPA device also enables you to connect an Arduino (via its UART to our standardized UCC the Universal Control Connector).  We supply the Arduino Library to easily connect to GLUE control software. Then, write your own Control Support Maps to introduce GLUE to the sensors, actors and functions you implemented. 

So develop your very own Tiles and make them available to the community!

Things you can do, things you can make

Note that any coding or hacking is completely optional – with the MPA Platform you can build your own gear with no coding or soldering whatsoever! We have ensured that “making audio gear” is a true plug-and-play experience! Your GLUE software will make sure all parts of your system will play like one.

Yet out platform is vastly extendable – which makes it an ideal entry point into audio making!

Here some ideas how MPA Platform can ignite your audio maker projects:

  • Bring together and combine your audio projects and rigs – and play them as one large instrument…
  • Throw in a DinoPark to turn your rig into a truly top end sound machine…
  • Develop your custom Arduino Tiles and let GLUE take them to MIDI and the network…
  • Invent awesome new gear that has never existed done before…
  • Build your own pro audio system step by step – at your own pace, as you like it…

CHANGE – Embrace the change that will naturally occur as you go through your maker journey. Since making is fundamental to what it means to be human, you will become a more complete version of you as you make.
Mark Hatch
CEO and cofounder of TechShop

The MPA Platform presents the first hackable Pro Audio System.
Bring your Raspberry Pi and your Arduino – we can’t wait to see what you come up with!