Minimax is a stunning emulation and recreation of one of the most sought after and popular synths of all time. There are very few analog synthesizers that have been digitally modeled with such precision. Enjoy the punchy oscillators, ultra-fast envelopes and pristine filters that add to the depth of the rich, harmonically infused lows and many more features that made the original instrument a cult classic.

Product Features

  • Ten voice virtual analog subtractive Synthesizer modeled after a vintage classic
  • 3 Oscillators with 5 Waveforms and range controls per voice
  • Mixer with switchable routings and external input and feedback
  • Noise Generator with white and pink noise
  • 24 dB resonant Low Pass ladder filter with dedicated ADSR envelope
  • Oscillator 3 can be switched to LFO range for filter cutoff and pitch modulation
  • Integrated feedback loop for extra distortion
  • Chorus/Flanger & Dual Channel Delay Effects with extensive controls including phase & feedback


Minimax User Manual

Minimax MIDI Implementation Chart