MPA Tiles make it easy: Build, Connect, Play!

Design and make the audio mixer,  synthesizer and control gear you need. All it takes is imagination, a screwdriver and about 10 minutes to assemble your blocks to make a system. Then connect to your network of possibilities.


Depending on your needs and the audio solutions you seek. You choose any number of pre-constructed (mechanical + electronics) tile modules and assemble them in a flexible housing to make a MPA Thing.

MPA Tiles include:

  • Control Tiles (faders, encoders, pads or anything your Arduino can do)
  • Audio Tiles for audio processing and converters (DSP, AD/DA, AoIP) and USB audio and network audio interfaces
  • Connect Tiles where you make common audio connections (XLR,TRS, MIDI, Headphone)
  • Compute Tiles for network connection (Raspberry Pi, Intel NUC, Latte Panda)


Connect your Raspberry Pi and Phone/Tablet to the Network

At least one of your Blocks will feature a Raspberry Pi Compute Tile running GLUE software. For your Smartphone or Tablet to make contact to GLUE, connect your Raspberry Pi to your LAN via CAT5 or via a supported USB WiFi Stick.


Connect MPA Things and all your other Gear to GLUE

Combine different MPA Things via USB to make Remote Control, Mixing, Interfacing, Synthesis and Performance system solutions.

You connect your MPA Things and all your other MIDI hardware and gear to GLUE the multi-protocol, multi-user, multi-discipline, multi-purpose network control software that ties it all together.

Anything is possible with the MPA Network of Things.



New exciting workflows and control with the network at your fingertips presenting never seen before creative collaborative and performance possibilities. The Network becomes your Instrument!