Pro-12 brings back every iota of the gorgeousness in the original classic, which took the world by storm in the late 70ies.  The first polyphonic synthesizer with full digital and preset-recall. Armed with the modelling and SSM filtering and modular generator and oscillator routing of the first series, the Pro-12 brings back the best of its sound. Enjoy the bellowing sweeps and room shaking rumbles with the convenience reliable and stable tuning.

Product Features

  • Twelve voice virtual analog subtractive Synthesizer modeled after a vintage classic
  • Two Oscillators with switchable waveforms, low-frequency mode and PWM per voice
  • Up to 12 voice unison mode with detune
  • 24 dB resonant low pass filter with dedicated envelope and keyboard control
  • Audio rate oscillator and filter FM
  • Syncable LFO with three waveforms
  • Wheelmod section with enhanced modulation capabilities
  • Chorus/Flanger & Dual Channel Delay Effects with extensive controls including phase & feedback


Pro-12 User Manual

Pro-12 MIDI Implementation Chart