The world's first Pro Audio Gear Kits for Raspberry Pi
The Control, Synthesis and Mixing Platform.

Fully modular, DIY customizable Blocks combine to the system of your dreams. GLUE, the networked control software, is bringing all your other gear together, too!

This is a MPA Thing- see how to build it!

All gear you see on this web site is modular and built from MPA Tiles. Check out how our photo series on "HOW TO" build this device!

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MPA Platform is the you build audio gear system and network software framework for all things audio.. and beyond!

Frustrated with the status quo of mono-use-designed, conventional products that are everywhere. We set out over a decade ago to develop the IoT Age Platform to change the way audio gear works, and we did it!

Makers make and why can’t you simply make audio gear that solves a solution you have or build something unique with just the capabilities you need now, that can grow in capability, as you and your studio grows. Why can’t you access pro level audio sound quality and control in gear that works with your Raspberry Pi or Arduino?

The MPA Platform is the new paradigm for making, connecting and controlling audio gear that puts you in the center of the design and how audio gear functions… for you!

The MPA Platform builds on the three components:

MPA Tiles

Premium quality pre-constructed modular components (mechanical + electronics) enabling a wide range of applications from user interfaces to synthesis, audio processing, mixing and interfacing.

MPA Things and MakeKits

MPA Things are devices you build by combining MPA Tiles and our flexible mechanical framework your way. For starters, we offer MakeKits – Kits that contain everything you need to build a device for a specific function!

GLUE Control Software

Running on one or multiple Raspberry Pis which you mount in a MakeHaus, GLUE is what brings all your Things and also your entire studio setup together! Use mobile devices like your smartphone or tablet to operate GLUE via a WiFi or cabled connection.


DinoPark Synthesizer Tiles and MakeKits

The World’s first High-End Modelling Synthesizer as affordable DIY or Eurorack Kit. As part of the MPA Platform, DinoPark is the amazing sound  synthesis engine and building block to build your own synthesis devices.

Community Centered

It all starts with a community of Audio Makers taking innovation into their own hands. Everything we do is centered on building empowered community.

The MPA Platform is more than a Network of Things – it’s a platform of new opportunities for every Audio Maker to grow, innovate, and develop solutions. Perhaps, you will develop your own Arduino based Tile modules and share.

Just as the Arduino community has blossomed, we envision the MPA Platform community will enjoy similar growth over time. We are excited to see what you come up with!


Nachhaltigkeit is the German word for sustainability and is at the core of the MPA Platform.  Where multi-use non-obsolescent, components coupled with multipurpose software are by design, to be re-combined and repurposed. To scale to meet your needs over time.

We make it easy for you to design and build audio gear that’s unique to your needs.

Discover new creative freedom and the joy that comes with building gear that works for you, in just the way you want it. Audio gear that you need, that grows with you unlike anything found off-the shelf.