With the Prodyssey, a timeless piece of synthesizer history comes back to life. Thanks to its extensive modulation possibilities, a sample & hold section and the special filters, this perfect emulation of the original provides you with a cornucopia of high-end and very unique sounds. Enjoy the unique punchiness tumbling sequences, blister leads and smooth pads of this classic.

Product Features

  • Ten voice virtual analog subtractive Synthesizer modeled after a vintage classic
  • Two oscillators with 2 waveforms, sync, PWM and extensive modulation capabilities per voice
  • 24 dB resonant low pass filter with switchable characteristic and additional fixed high pass filter
  • Sample & Hold section for crazy modulations
  • Two Envelopes with retriggering and repeat functionality
  • LFO with the ability to sync to MIDI
  • Extensive modulation routing section for maximum control of timbre
  • Chorus/Flanger & Dual Channel Delay Effects with extensive controls including phase & feedback

Prodyssey User Manual

Prodyssey MIDI Implementation Chart