Make the Network your Instrument!

The MPA Platform provides endless possibilities for Keyboarders who seek efficiencies in mixing, control, automation, creative extensions of their setups and agile performance capabilities. It all sounds amazing and it really is possible.  You can access anything and control everything that is connected to the network where the network becomes your instrument.

Manage and automate your entire MIDI setup without a computer

Until now a laptop was the only way to manage complex routing and setups involving multiple synth modules and processors.  GLUE Control Software frees you from your laptop and the complications associated with advanced setups. GLUE does this by eliminating the dependency of a single computer at the central of your setup – such that you can actually access your gear even without a computer. Imagine organizing and managing complex merge & split keyboard setups of any gear connected the network. Now you can!

Control your Performance like never before!

More possibilities & ease of use leads to better performances

  • Collect performance parameters across all your gear
  • Arrange perfect access for every part of your performance
  • Tie in your computer too and control it without a mouse
  • Merge and split keyboards across the network
  • Network becomes your instrument
Make Pro Audio Gear

Share control and enable true multi-user, collaborative, uber-sharing possibilities!

When everyone brings their GLUE to the same network – anyone can control everything.  New music! New creative flow!

  • New possibilities and new ways to interact lead to inspired new music
  • New performance options inspire your live and production setups
  • Dynamic creative collaboration fueled in agile
  • HYBR Mode tactile control is flexible like software – satisfying in ways screens can not!

Compact Digital Keyboard Mixer with perfect control

The MPA Platform lets you build exactly the mixer you need and you want for your setup. No digital mixer available today is as compact, modular, or as powerful as the MPA Mixer device you can build.  No mixer available today provides such unparalleled integration with your keyboard setup, thanks to GLUE – where is all comes together for you.

No more compromises. No more dead-end investments. No more buying too small or too large! This mixer will grow with you, as your needs grow for years to come. Because control is perfectly integrated with GLUE, everything will just fall into place for you.

  • Single Mixer devices host up to 16 inputs and 16 outputs – plus USB Audio and Audio over IP options
  • Agile, instantaneous ganging of multiple Mixer devices enables 100-plus channels setups (expected 2020)
  • Include up to two USB Audio interface Tiles per device – Allowing you to play audio from two laptops connected the same Mixer device!
  • Multi-user mixing and personal monitoring via smartphone control


This is just some of what you can do when you connect to the network of possibilities.
We can’t wait to see what you come up with!