The Future of Control: How MakeProAudio Connects Everything

I came across MakeProAudio at Pro Light & Sound and was a little more intrigued than skeptical by what I saw at their stand. But it wasn’t until they visited my studio that I really understood the depth of what they are about.

 After all, here we are in 2019 and well after what we dreamed decades ago to be the age of flying cars and androids walking among us. While we certainly have the technology and the means to achieve such a reality, in many other areas technology seems to have lacked the necessary innovation to become part of what we now call the Internet of Things (IoT), or the interconnection via the Internet of computing devices embedded in everyday objects, enabling them to send and receive data. And yet, while we are able to synchronize everything we do with our smartphones, tablets and even our vehicles and homes, there still doesn’t seem to be a proper system that unifies our audio equipment in the same way.

 Enter MakeProAudio.

 While at first glance MPA technology seems aimed at the Pro Audio community, a further look reveals the potential of very much being able to control anything and everything from dimming lights to distortion gain or anything you can do with Raspberry Pi or Arduino. By offering LEGO*-like modular building block systems called MPA Tiles, including RGB modules, motorized faders, rotary encoder knobs, inputs and outputs, MakeProAudio brings a definitive solution that allows users to control and automate, well, technically everything.

But what impressed me the most was the surprise of getting to know the mastermind behind the company, CEO Frank Hund. A man who has the wisdom and humility that only life itself can teach us from the unavoidable process of failure and success, and the creative spirit of a child. It takes someone like that to become the inventor of the pioneering tripleDAT native audio recording system, Pulsar and SCOPE DSP platforms, as well as being behind the team that was the very first to develop “truthful” emulations of ARP, Moog, Sequential Circuits and other analog synthesizers.

Today the network distributed software framework that is the backbone of the MPA platform, as well as the technology behind many other award winning state-of-the-art audio systems. 

Taking all of this into consideration, the growth potential of such systems is very clear. Looking at such potential, MakeProAudio could certainly turn to Venture Capitalists for seeking growth partners but instead, they want us, the consumers, the enthusiasts, the musicians, the engineers, the clients themselves, to have our own lucrative membership stake within the company.  Already with the backing of several local to well-known professionals from lawyers and bankers to producers and DJs, their unorthodox approach actually makes much more sense in this current day and age than most business models.

 The keyword and the concept in all this that drives MakeProAudio company values is Nachhaltigkeit, the German word for sustainability. Over 150 years ago, this set of social and ecological values were conceived by Friedrich Wilhelm Raiffeisen (the name behind what is now the Raiffeisen Bank), and that spawned thousands of cooperatives throughout Germany which quickly went from local to an international level, further strengthening the German, European and Global economy.

 Beyond the awesome sounds, synthesis, control and creative possibilities, all great advances of civilization have been about movements. In this age of accelerations and the interconnectedness of our very being, MakeProAudio is bringing the future into the present and that’s something, a movement, I want to be a part of!

 I’m a musician, and I’m a member. In the end, the choice is yours to join us. But when you see it for yourself, I am sure you will become part of this ever-growing family set to change the game forever.

 Let’s make history!

 Yours truly,

 Federico Ágreda Álvarez