Making you part of it

Making you part of it makes all the difference!

By Frank Hund, MakeProAudio Founder


MakeProAudio was founded on the basis of social-ecological values. All our ideas and concepts revolve around Nachhaltigkeit – the German word for sustainability. We put you and community first: first we enable you to grow – and then we grow with you.

We are excited by the warm welcome and the possibilities expressed by you in the initial roll-out of the MPA Platform. However, it may not be so obvious where the ideas and concepts which form the creation of the MakeProAudio universe stem from.

I want to provide some first-hand reflection and some background on how all this came about – such that you can connect some more dots.

One important root of our approach to business can be found about 200 years ago in a village nearby where I grew up myself. In 1818, Friedrich Wilhelm Raiffeisen was born in Hamm (Sieg) in the beautiful countryside south east of Cologne, Germany – right where MakeProAudio has its offices today. Here, Raiffeisen conceived the ideas and concepts of a new collaborative economy, as then implemented by cooperatives throughout Germany – by their members, through their members, for their members! Still today, cooperative structures are highly popular and successfully operating – predominantly in farming, retail, housing and banking sectors. By making you part of their business and declaring the well-being of their members as their business goal, cooperatives boldly promote social-ecological values.  This appears as a beacon of hope in contrast to the so-called sharing economy, that often seems more extractive than circulatory with the unprecedented exploitation of resources and society. 

Today, the internet is connecting people from all over the world and is enabling new collaborative ways. From the open source movement to crowdfunding, from collaborative resource management (car sharing, residence sharing, private energy etc) to new collaborative arts  – crowds which were in a pure consumer role before are suddenly taking active roles in creative and value creation processes. We at MakeProAudio have not invented networking, the cloud or building block systems. We were not the ones to start the maker movement. Collaboratives have been around long before we were born.  Today we are a group of committed people, who have been working really hard to bring all these factors together to ignite a new community and collaborative culture in music technology and professional audio. If our collaborative ideas are the cause, the MPA Platform and module system is merely its logical effect. Yes, we want to make a real difference. And we want you to be a part of it!

The alternative to conventional, static and ready-built product not only encourages you to take an active role – it also reflects our rejection of the traditional manufacturer/customer role model.  Today, your role is limited to paying for products which are defined by those who think know better than you. We just fundamentally disagree with that notion. We are convinced that, given the on-ramps to innovation in tools and opportunity, YOU and the growing community of audio makers will demonstrate an impressive boost in audio industry innovation. Making the invention and evolution of solutions and technology a community thing.

We believe that the implementation of Nachhaltigkeit concepts and the empowerment of the audio maker community is the one way forward for our creative industry. Ever since we left stealth mode only a few weeks back there has been a lot of very positive and encouraging response on our propositions, our ideas and social-ecological values. Thank you so much for that! It is essential to know that people care about and share the values we are working for. Your feedback really helps our team go strongly!

But making you part of it does not stop there – we are bringing even one more real innovation to our industry. Like with a cooperative, we invite and encourage people from the community to become members and stakeholders of our company. We rely on our community for everything we do, including for financing of our growth – such that we can serve the community better in return. You do not have to found and build your own company to become a driving force behind the change in our industry. Become a part of MakeProAudio – join forces and make friends with the leading innovators from the audio maker community. When our community of audio makers grows and becomes a success, that success will also be yours. If you want to see your investment enabling relevant change, you can turn your share in our vision into a lucrative share in its success.

Whether you are a maker, creative musician, business opportunist, influencer or invested member – please make yourself part of it and remember a famous quote by Mr Raiffeisen: “Many can accomplish what one can not.” Together, we will make all the difference!

Thank you for reading and being part of our community.