The Network changes Everything

Networks change everything and we’ve changed how the network works for your audio!  It took us over 10 years of hard work to truly understand the DNA of networks and develop the IoT Age networking paradigm for all-things-audio and beyond.

The Network Becomes Your Instrument

New levels of network connectivity is facilitated by decentralized ubiquitous software control not seen before. Connectivity fostering new levels of creativity and community. With new found ease of access and control of your setup, the whole network becomes your instrument.

The network not just connects but performs in an agile way

Think of not just connecting an instrument (sound source) to the network but the network and everything connected to it as the instrument.

Digital 2.0 enabled your computer to be your instrument, your creative palette. Now! Anything connected to your network, accessible instantly by your network, is your Instrument, controlled by anything on the network.  Agnostic hardware building blocks that can function as a sound generator, audio i/o, processor DSP or control. All user defined by the GLUE network distributed software that lives in the cloud.

Shared control and access to distributed attributes that you decide, you create, you make!

Sublime possibilities. New exciting workflows.  Dynamic creative collaborative fueled in agile ways – collaborative productions that share and assign resources.

How so?

We have developed technology that separates hardware (a resource) and software (application). Rather than a monolithic design where the  hardware function is coupled with the internal software that determines function. Our system of agnostic building blocks are connected together via the network.  Function/control determined by application software that is distributed from the cloud into Tile modules positioned within the Blocks of your network. What makes this all possible is our “TAN” network distributed software framework. Think of it as a construction kit for the building of audio systems. The LEGO® system for professional audio. Essentially, any hardware device can have multiple functions.

Access and control is through one or any device connected to the network facilitated via our GLUE control software. Truly agile access and control where multiple users can see and/or edit function of anything connected to the network (true multi user operation); where hardware resources can come and go dynamically. Simply plug in a piece of hardware to the network and it is instantly, accessible and controllable through any user vantage point. New possibilities in scalability in the hands of anyone. Taking sharing to new heights via an IoT age platform not seen before. With the MPA Platform, anybody can build flexible, scalable, agile modular systems with professional audio sound quality and profession level control capacity.

Just like how we have all gained new freedoms and power with the adoption of easy-to-use mobile gear, apps and the cloud abstracting away so much complexity.  Audio makers, maker musicians and community collectively, will realize massive new freedoms and creative options to apply to their world: Connect Anything, Control Everything.

Agile you say?

Truly agile and both domain independent and hardware agnostic. Just as the iPhone abstracted away many complex operations changing the way we commute, interact, share and create, TAN is agile in many ways, abstracting away device discovery, data persistence and synchronization; providing real-time multi-user control: where multiple users can see and/or edit function of anything connected to the network.

Domain independent as it will support MIDI or XML as easy as your Arduino invention. Hardware agnostic as it sees anything hardware as a resource with function determined by the “network distributed software.” The same hardware block could function as an audio processor, mixer or even synthesis engine. In the true spirit of the Zeitgeist of today, you could use GLUE to have your Arduino turn on your Holiday light show, coffee maker or just as easy send MIDI to your DJ rig.

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