Welcome! We have the you make audio gear system for you!

You are a Maker. Musician, Tinkerer, Technologist, DIYer, Inventor, Artist and Audio Anarchist who is changing the World.    We hear you because we are you!

MakeProAudio is made up of a committed group of technologists, musicians and makers lead by Frank Hund, serial entrepreneur and inventor of the pioneering tripleDAT native audio recording system, Pulsar and SCOPE DSP platforms.

Frustrated with the status quo of mono-use-designed, conventional products that are everywhere today. We set out over a decade ago to change the way things work when it comes pro audio gear.  

Makers make and why can’t you simply make audio gear that solves a solution you have or can grow in capability as you and your studio grows. Why can’t you access pro level audio sound quality and control in gear that works with your Raspberry Pi or Arduino?

What we have come up with is a new paradigm for making, connecting and controlling audio gear. The MPA Platform puts you in the center of the design and how audio gear functions.

We are MakeProAudio the ‘you make audio gear company’ and we have the ‘you make audio gear system’ for you!

The future for audio makers of all kind is bright and we are really excited to see what you make!


The MPA team is headquartered in Cologne Germany with distributed team members around the World!

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